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Application Equipment for Electronics Manufacturing

Patented equipment designed for electronics manufacturing


A dynamic, patented automatic-control system, ATMOSPHERE CONTROLLER-E was expertly designed by Air Liquide for the careful monitoring of inert atmosphere into your reflow oven.

The system consists of three interconnected devices: a sampling box, a nitrogen flow adjustment box, and a PLC box which is also the interface of your operators. Highly adaptable, the ATMOSPHERE CONTROLLER-E is suitable for oxygen levels ranging from 0 to 3,000 ppm.

Applicable Industries

The ATMOSPHERE CONTROLLER-E was designed for the sectors within the electronic-manufacturing  industry using reflow soldering ovens.

Special Features

ATMOSPHERE CONTROLLER-E is composed of three interconnected devices:

  • The sampling box collects and analyzes the Residual Oxygen Level (ROL) inside the reflow oven atmosphere for sample quality range levels of up to 3,000ppm.
  •  Thanks to its proportional valve, the nitrogen flow adjustment box allows you to inject the right N2 flow rate. The box connects the nitrogen supply and the nitrogen inlet line of the oven.
  • The PLC box (Program Logic Controller) allows you to easily display and set control parameters on its colored touch screen. This controller drives the N2 flow rate injected in the oven in order to guarantee an ROL below the threshold value setting. In the case of surpassing the threshold, visual and sound alarms are automatically activated. The process data is also stored within the controller and can be downloaded onto a USB key.


Highly reliable automated heat exchanger equipment, the WATER CHILLER-E was designed by Air Liquide for the efficient cooling of your reflow soldering process. Its system works by recycling the cold generated by the liquid nitrogen vaporization back into your cooling system and conveniently plugs into your water-cooling network.

This solution is best suited for nitrogen flow rates starting from 50m3/h.

Applicable industries

The WATER CHILLER-E is designed for sectors within the electronic- manufacturing industry that require frigories for the cooling step of their reflow soldering process.

Special features

Liquid nitrogen from the liquid storage tank goes through insulated cryogenic piping into the WATER CHILLER-E equipment. The warm water (from the reflow ovens) is then cooled down by the liquid nitrogen in the WATER CHILLER-E’s heat exchanger.

The main components of the WATER CHILLER-E are a heat exchanger and a control box, which are set onto a metallic frame.

For optimal operational safety, there is an automated switch function on the equipment in case of

  • Insufficient water flow rate (due to pump failure or ice plugging)
  • Insufficient water temperature at inlet
  • Insufficient gas temperature at outlet

In these situations, the heat exchanger is bypassed and liquid nitrogen is quickly sent to the air vaporizer.

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