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Application equipment for pharmaceuticals

ALASKA Cooling Unit

Improvements to the cooling progress: faster, safer and more accurate.

ALASKA Cooling Unit


  • Accurate control of your liquid nitrogen temperature
  • Widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Provide environmental solutions with low energy cost and high efficiency for gas applications such as low temperature reaction, low temperature grinding and low temperature freeze-drying

ALASKATM Cooling Unit provides a turnkey solution to your needs.

  • Fast cooling
  • Auto-Control on Liquid Nitrogen
  • Precise control on refrigerant temperature within range from -1℃ to +1℃
  • Improvements on production safety and reliability
  • Heating module allows a large range of processes from -140℃ to +200℃
  • Possibility of using gaseous nitrogen at the exchanger output as an inert atmosphere

Main elements of the unit

  • Heat exchanger heat transfer liquid – cryogenic fluid
  • Heat transfer liquid circulating pump
  • Thermal expansion tank
  • Heat transfer liquid circuit
  • Regulation
  • Heating module
  • Programming of the thermal cycle
  • Regulation starting from the reaction vessel set temperature
  • Electrical equipment in the Intrinsic Safety version
  • Manual by-pass on the liquid nitrogen supply

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