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Smart, simple, unique

SMARTOP™ is our smart and unique residual pressure valve that simplifies gas handling and improves safety. It is equipped with an on/off lever and a permanent pressure gauge, allowing you to check the content of your cylinder anytime. SMARTOP™ is available with ALPHAGAZ™ brand specialty pure gases.

  • Save time

Fast gas cut-off with the on/off lever – easy handling thanks to ergonomic cap.

  • Save gas

No gas loss thanks to the on/off lever – content check with permanent pressure gauge.

  • Work safely

Emergency cut-off protected valve.

SMARTOPTM - the simplest clever valve

On/off lever

  • Easy to open
  • Immediate gas cut-off
  • On/off status at a glance

Permanent content gauge

  • Content monitoring at a glance
  • Get a reading even when flow is stopped

RPV/NRV function

  • Keep a minimal pressure in the cylinder
  • No back-flow contamination during use and storage

Ergonomic cap

  • Easy handling of the cylinder
  • Permanent, reliable protection for the valve


  • Check that the lever is off

  • Check that regulator is in off position and connect your regulator to SMARTOPTM

  • Open the on/off lever

  • Set the outlet pressure or flow rate on your regulator


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