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A solution relevant to certain applications

Today, generators are a solution relevant to certain applications. We mainly find them in laboratories, viniculture and industry.

Air Liquide offers air generators, nitrogen generators and hydrogen generators.

Air Generator - EN

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Air generator

Gas generators - air - high purity – hydrocarbon - free: GC - TOC

  • Ideal for supplying FID detectors with air free from traces of hydrocarbons, thus avoiding the background noise of the detectors. Suitable for all monitor brands (Thermo, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Agilent, Waters) requiring high purity hydrocarbon-free air. Connects to your compressed air network. Compatible with your other applications (AAS, ethylometer calibration, etc.)

Hydrogen generator

Gas generators - hydrogen - high purity - GC

  • Designed to supply any GC-FID brand with vector gas and flame gas
  • Replace your hydrogen cylinders in the laboratory, guaranteeing you 99.9995% quality safety

Nitrogen generator

Gas generators - nitrogen - high flow - laboratory - industry

  • Ideal for the new generations of LC-MS/MS as nebulising gas
  • Suitable for all brands of LC/MS Applied, Thermo, Waters requiring high purity nitrogen
  • Also for use in your evaporation and inerting applications in the laboratory and/or in industry

Gas generators - nitrogen - ICP - OES - carrier gas

  • These models of generators with very low oxygen content are used in various applications: flushing ICP-OES lenses, carrier gas in chromatography and inerting of gloveboxes

Gas generators – nitrogen - high flow - laboratory – industry

  • Ideal for research centers having various gas applications (LC/MS, LC-MS/MS, evapo-concentrators, Sorbonne), etc.
  • Connect to your compressed air network
  • Used in industry for electronics, Alix Dry P cabinet, agri-food industry in any inerting application.

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