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The aeronautics industry is increasingly challenged to build aircrafts that are quiet, energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

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At Air Liquide, we understand the industrial values of the automotive industry.

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It takes extensive experience and know-how to meet rigorous standards for consistency in taste, fizz, quality and strength of packaging.

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Air Liquide has extensive experience with world-class chemical companies across China and worldwide.

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Air Liquide is helping the construction industry meet rising demands for infrastructure by supplying a range of safe and reliable gas solution.

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Electronics Manufacturing

Air Liquide has supported electronics manufacturing actors with solutions for every step of their processes from assembly through testing, storag

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Air Liquide helps you reduce emissions, improve processes for a maximum reuse of water and materials and improve wastewater treatment operations.

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When you choose Air Liquide, you can rely on a dynamic multifaceted corporation committed to solid growth through proven technical solutions.

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Air Liquide provides glass manufacturers with solutions to improve their competitiveness and environmental footprint

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Metal Fabrication

Air Liquide draws on its over 100 years’ experience in the fabrication industry to develop specialized gases, equipment and services.

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The metals industry today is challenged to reduce production costs, improve product quality and productivity, and maximize efficiency...

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Oil and Gas

Air Liquide is committed to fueling growth in the oil and gas industry.

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Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Air Liquide’s safe and reliable high-purity gas solutions for the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry help enable compliance...

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Renewable Energy

Air Liquide aims to power the world with clean and renewable energy sources. We innovate to develop sustainable energy solutions.

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Research and Analysis

Air Liquide offers a range of reliable gas and chemicals solutions for many research and analysis applications.

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Building 18, No. 1515 Gumei Road, Shanghai 200233, P.R. China