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New technologies to light the way

Simply put, photonics is the science of light. This includes all applications of light, ranging from emission and transmission to modulation, signal processing and detecting. Today, the photonics industry is lighting the way with new and unique solutions where conventional technology is reaching its limits. Photonics holds the future for applications in areas as vast as medicine and LEDs to laser-based manufacturing and IT services for optical networks and computers.

A trusted partner for the photonics industry

At Air Liquide, we know photonics is a sensitive science that demands high-purity gases and stable gas mixtures, as well as dedicated equipment and installations to preserve gas purity. Our expertise in this area makes us indispensable for manufacturers of fiber optic materials and LEDs, for example.

Delivering the right amount of gas at the right purity level

We draw on our skilled business developers and teams in Research & Development to design solutions tailored to businesses with short life cycles. As a gas expert, we ensure reliable and safe supply chain and the ability to deliver the right amount of gas at the right purity level to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Supplying advanced high purity gases and mixtures

For the photonics industry, Air Liquide is a one-stop shop capable of supplying a wide range of gases – helium, hydrogen, ultra high purity ammonia (UHP ammonia) – and air gases, as well as related equipment such as wet chemical dispenser units, gas cabinets and distribution systems.

Fiber optics

The first step in manufacturing fiber optics is producing preform, a silica glass rod. Hydrogen, oxygen and helium are all used to consolidate the preform, which is then melted in a furnace and drawn into fiber optics at a rate of 1,500 to 2,000m per minute. Helium is then used to cool the drawn fiber efficiently. We supply these gases at ultra high purities to support fiber optics manufacturers.


Material used for white and blue LEDs needs one nitrogen atom. This is where UHP ammonia steps in during the deposition phase of production. In liquid form at room temperature, ammonia must be heated to be used in gaseous phase. To allow our customers to use larger volumes of this gas, we have developed an induction-based heating solution to vaporize UHP ammonia more efficiently.

Air Liquide provides a comprehensive gas solution, including equipment and installations, for the production of LED.

Why choose us?

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    Industry expertise

    We can supply stable and reliable high purity gas products, share the gas application experience of the related industries to bring the added value and solve your problems.

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    Customizable solutions

    Our leading AVP induction heating technology is the most heating efficiency solution that enable meet different customer flow rate requirement.

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    Focus on quality

    Air Liquide China manufactures high pure and ultra high pure ammonia to be used in a variety of industries including semiconductor, photo voltaics, TFT-LCD, LED and gallium nitride power device making. Started in 2012, Air Liquide Nantong Plant has a yearly production capacity of 4,000 tons using the most advanced purification technology and has a strict product management system.


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