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Research and Analysis

Air Liquide offers a range of reliable gas and chemicals solutions for many research and analysis applications, including chromatography, cleanroom testing, and lithography equipment installation. We serve public research institutions and universities, industrial research centers, and laboratory and testing services providers. To respond to your specific needs, we offer a variety of gas supply modes.

Air Liquide’s solutions include certified calibration standards, carrier gases for testing, and ALPHAGAZ™ branded products, which are used as carrier gases to meet and exceed typical LCMS and GCMS requirements.

Air Liquide has been supporting cold production, liquefaction, storage and distribution of cryogenic fluids at very low temperatures by its HELIAL and HYLIAL range, Turbo-Brayton cryogenic systems, and customized solution.

Research and Analysis

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Why choose us?

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    Air Liquide has the expertise in analytical equipment and tools necessary to optimize performance and develop new chemistries.

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    Complete offer

    Air Liquide manufactures and supplies a range of quality analytical gases including pure gases and mixtures and the appropriate gas handling equipment and services.

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    We strive for absolute quality control of processes and products, and our products meet and exceed industry purity standards.

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    All our products offer absolute accuracy and traceability, guaranteed by top certificates and accreditations.


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