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About Us


If you have questions about our products and services, please contact us. For immediate assistance, call us at +86 21 6090 3688.

Over the Fence

What's the strength of “over the fence” gas supply through pipeline?

For large volume industrial gas users and a group of customers concentrated in industrial zones, Air Liquide supplies industrial gases by pipelines for a large-scale use of O2, N2, H2, CO or steam. Our offer ensures the highest reliability of supply, and helps customers focusing on their core business by saving their resources greatly.

All in One Solution

What is included in your “all-in-one solution”?

Our “all-in-one solution” is called Nexelia. It is an optimized solution which combines gas supply, application technology and process expertise to deliver a  guaranteed competitive performance to the users.


What is myGas Customer Portal?

MyGas Customer Portal is a contemporary and efficient online tool which allows the customers to make online orders, access key informations and functions related to their gas supply management issues.

Product Specifications of Pipeline Supply

What H2, CO or syngas specifications ​your pipeline supplies?

We not only offer​ H2, CO or s​yngas with our existing specifications, but also provide customized specifications as per end users' requirements.​


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