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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Cost-efficient and reliable EOR services

Air Liquide offers a wide range of gases, technologies and services for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to boost production and achieve cost efficiencies while reducing the environmental footprint of customer operations.

Nitrogen or carbon dioxide supplied by Air Liquide either through bulk deliveries or on-site generation technologies can be injected into existing wells to significantly increase oil and/or gas recovery. The process is typically applied to older reservoirs that are no longer economical at their current production rate. By utilizing injected nitrogen or carbon dioxide to regenerate reservoir pressure and increase yield rates, existing wells benefit from improved economics and a favorable increase in well life.

Efficient and reliable services for EOR

Air Liquide’s nitrogen and carbon dioxide production and injection services are designed for the following EOR applications:

  • Enhancing gravity drainage in steeply dipping reservoirs
  • Recovering residue gas through gas cap displacement
  • Driving oil banks toward producing wells in miscible oil displacement
  • Pushing slugs of carbon dioxide to achieve miscibility
  • Enhancing the production rate through well pressure building using nitrogen produced on-site

Carbon dioxide membranes for EOR

When carbon dioxide injection methods are employed, some carbon dioxide injected into a well typically returns to the surface in conjunction with the recovered oil and gas. MEDAL™ membranes can be used to separate and remove the carbon dioxide from the recovered gas mixture, allowing it to be recycled and re-injected into the well, achieving cost efficiencies and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Nitrogen production systems for EOR

Nitrogen requirements can vary greatly from 500 Nm³/h (19200 SCFH) to over 5000 Nm³/h (192000 SCFH). Air Liquide supplies a range of nitrogen production technologies for EOR, including large high-pressure nitrogen production units and mobile membrane generation systems.

The FLOXAL™ AMSA™ EOR system is a cost-efficient and reliable nitrogen generation solution for EOR applications, including pressure maintenance, immiscible displacement, miscible displacement, and gas-assisted gravity drainage. The compact and fully integrated system provides a continuous supply of quality nitrogen that fluctuates according to demand. It relies on permeation technology to separate nitrogen from the air, allowing for a wide range of flow rates and purities when cryogenic purity is not required.

Air Liquide’s MEDAL™ low-pressure and high-pressure nitrogen production units (NPUs) are suitable for locations throughout the world, including the most rugged and remote environments. These mobile systems are adaptable to requested specifications and can be built to accommodate ranging pressures, flow rates and purities.


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