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Well Services

Unparalleled gas solutions for exploration and production

Air Liquide draws on its logistical expertise and global reach to provide unmatched well services to the oil and gas industry. Whether you are operating well sites onshore or offshore, we offer a range of well services to help you safely deliver large volumes of product at your well site.

Comprehensive well services

Air Liquide provides the oil and gas industry with the following services and related products for well exploration and production:

  • On-site nitrogen production
  • Gas purification and separation membranes
  • On-site liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide storage equipment
  • Offshore nitrogen ISO container
  • Nitrogen and carbon dioxide pumping services
  • Pure gases and gas mixtures
  • Stable isotope gas mixtures
  • Carbon dioxide mixtures

Industrial gases for well applications

Industrial gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide are crucial to well exploration and production. Our well services include the installation and operation of on-site industrial gas production technologies such as air separation technologies, OWS assets for logistics, and storage solutions related to oil well applications. To learn about our services for offshore wells, visit our dedicated Offshore Services page.


  • Coiled tubing applications, including gas lift and deliquification
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Pipeline purging, cleaning pressurization and pig pushing
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), including Carbon Dioxide EOR 
  • Hydraulic fracturing (gas-only frac fluids and energized frac fluids)
  • Water treatment
  • Leak testing

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