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About Us

Air Liquide provides many services for the Offshore industry

Offshore Services

Extracting oil and gas resources safely and efficiently

Air Liquide helps the offshore industry extract oil and gas resources safely and efficiently, anytime and anywhere around the world. With an extensive reach into 90% of global offshore supply bases, Air Liquide can work with you at every stage of the cycle. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the best products and services for your operations, while maintaining the highest offshore quality and safety standards. Our "one stop shop" offer saves you time and boosts your performance while minimizing complexity and risk.

Air Liquide is a leading supplier of products and services for all aspects of your offshore activities.

At Air Liquide, the quality of our products and the safety with which we deliver them drive everything we do. We are a dependable partner in the following applications:

  • Analytical services and process control
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Subsea works
  • Support services and living quarters
  • Well services

Our gases are delivered in any quantity you may need including cylinders, bundles, and/or liquid containers, and can also be produced on-site. All products are continuously analyzed during manufacturing and carefully controlled through delivery to comply with local and international regulations (ISO, DNV, ABS). Further, our web-based equipment tracking system enables both clients and suppliers to remotely monitor and locate fleet assets at all times.


Building 18, No. 1515 Gumei Road, Shanghai 200233, P.R. China