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Bulk Supply

Industrial gas delivery and storage solutions

For users of relatively larger volume of gas, we offer safe and reliable bulk products which are produced and liquefied in plants and delivered directly to customers’ cryogenic liquid storage vessel by insulated cryogenic trucks. Our expertise extends to the installation, maintenance and monitoring of liquefied gas storage systems. We offer safe and reliable bulk systems in a range of sizes and flow capacities to meet the needs of many industries.

Forecasting and planning deliveries

Our National Scheduling Center forecast and plan your deliveries. Air Liquide has bulk products ordered and delivered via national scheduling center with support from Telemetry and BLAC systems.

National Scheduling Center

Our National Scheduling Center is located in Shanghai, China. We create delivery orders upon your request (call us at 400-612-9667 or send an email to and our assigned sales representatives are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any emergency.

The National Scheduling Center uses a Computerized Planning and Telemetry System to assist in scheduling your deliveries. The system will monitor the level reading of your tank while the computer calculates your company's average usage based on prior delivery information and forecasts approximately when your next delivery should be made.

Customer Service Department

Please feel free to call our customer service hotline 400-613-0667 if you have any questions.

E-working solution

On board computer system keeps your hand free.

On Board Computer (OBC) is a portable device on each Air Liquide product vehicle. You will sign a delivery note on the OBC after our driver completes the delivery. An electronic delivery note will be sent to your assigned email addresses (3 max.) instantly after you confirm the delivery order.

With OBC, You may require a total data package anytime you want and check the E-delivery note from myGas customer portal system at anytime.

Skid tank

Skid tank is a compact liquid storage tank with easy and quick installation. You can enjoy smart bulk supply adapted to your needs with skid tank.


  • Compact air gas cryogenic vessel
  • Sized according to your needs


  • Ready to install - no civil works and simplified permitting
  • Easy to use – no more cylinder handling or asset management. Air Liquide manages entirely and safely your gas supply.
  • Save cost – optimized installation cost. Fewer deliveries thanks to higher storage capacity.

Gas supply

Benefit from Air Liquide expertise in bulk logistics.

  • Reliable and flexible bulk supply ensured by Air Liuqide world class logistics
  • Automatic re-ordering with Telemetry system

Available for air and non-air gases

  • Nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Compatible with Air Liquide dynamic on-site gas mixer

Best-fit solution for your application with Air Liquide Premium

  • LASALTM product range for laser welding & cutting
  • ARCALTM dedicated range for arc welding
  • ALPHAGAZTM specialty gases for analytical use
  • ALIGALTM food grades, HACCP compliant
  • FLAMALTM product range for flame applications

Building 18, No. 1515 Gumei Road, Shanghai 200233, P.R. China