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Packaged Gas Supply

Including cylinder/dewar/bundle

For gas users who need mobility and/or with demand for small volumes, gas cylinders can represent an extremely practical method of supplying gas to meet the needs of various manufacturing processes. The gases can be supplied in either individual cylinders or pallets of various capacities for your application and delivered promptly by our transport fleet.

Safety first

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our compressed gas cylinder sizes, materials used and valve type are determined by GB and ISO guideline. Air Liquide China is now using professional automatic system to monitor truck drivers’ safe driving behavior. A basic safety training is included in our after-sales services.

We take care of safety issues.

Ensuring gas stability

In addition, we ensure gas stability by matching cylinders with valve types to protect the integrity of the gas against corrosion or certain chemical reactions. When packaging reactive gases, our cylinders are treated with our exclusive inerting processes.

Customer convenience

We work hard to ensure convenience, efficiency and complete satisfaction with Air Liquide’s packaged gas products.

In China, our after-sales engineers will take the responsibility of trouble shooting on customer site. We take your needs initiatively and make quick reaction.

MyGas, our on-line ordering system is easier for cylinder customers to manage your cylinder orders, storage or even delivery.

Premium packaged gas solutions

  • SMARTOP™: our cutting-edge, smart residual pressure valve. It features on/off lever and permanent content gauge. SMARTOP™ is included in our ARCAL™ shielding gases and ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases premium offers
  • ALTOP™: the world’s first built-in regulator with an on/off lever. As one of our best-sellers, it is available in over 35 countries

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