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On-site Supply

Fully integrated systems

Air Liquide supplies a range of customizable on-site production solutions to meet the diverse needs of different industries with regard to the volume and purity of various gases (O2, N2 or H2).

A tailored supply system

Air Liquide helps you minimize costs with an optimally-designed supply system that meets your unique gas consumption profile.

By determining accurate usage patterns of the gas and evaluating opportunities to optimize gas consumption, Air Liquide is always able to identify the optimal supply solution for you. We also take your growth potential and the impact of future gas requirements into consideration and keep upgrading the on-site gas supply system to guarantee as much cost saving and reliability of gas supply as possible.


  • Optimize your overall gas cost
  • Reduce your investment and no labor cost
  • Highly efficient and reliable system

Large-scale on-site production

We have the capacity to invest, design, build and operate large-scale production plants for large industrial customers like chemical producers and refineries.

Air separation units (ASU) compress, liquefy and distill air to separate it into its various components: nitrogen, oxygen, and rare gases (argon, neon, krypton and xenon).

Steam methane reformers (SMR) produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide through steam reforming. Hydrogen is typically used in the oil- refining process for hydrodesulphurization and to convert heavy crude oil into cleaner burning transportation fuels.

Our air separation units and steam methane reformers are designed and built using the Group’s latest technologies, providing both high reliability and energy efficiencies.

Cogeneration consists of simultaneously and efficiently producing electricity and steam, generally by consuming natural gas and water. The electricity is typically supplied to the local network while the steam is required for certain industrial processes. Cogeneration is an environmentally virtuous process, since it avoids energy losses by harnessing the heat emitted during electricity production to produce steam.

On-site industrial gas generators (bulk volumes)

Air Liquide supplies industrial gas generators for bulk volumes of industrial gases like nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen generators to a range of industries.

Our on-site nitrogen and hydrogen production systems help ensure continuous, reliable supply as demand fluctuates. Air Liquide installs, operates and maintains on-site supply systems. Our goal is to ensure a continuous and reliable gas supply so you can focus on your business.

Air Liquide supplies a range of on-site nitrogen generation technologies.

  • APSA cryogenic advanced product supply

Air Liquide supplies oxygen generation technologies.

  • VSA vacuum pressure swing adsorption
  • SIGMA gaseous oxygen cryogenic generators

Air Liquide’s hydrogen generation system offers a low-cost, reliable, efficient, and flexible solution for producing high-purity gaseous hydrogen or liquid hydrogen on-site at your facility.

  • HYOS–E  gaseous hydrogen electrolysis generators
  • Methanol cracking



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